“Jan Driscoll and Anew Décor is an excellent staging resource for us.  In one of the homes we were listing, there was an empty space across from the kitchen that we weren’t sure what to do with.  Jan walked around our client’s home and found a bookcase that was being underutilized, plus a lamp in another room, and an easy chair in yet another.  Then, voila, the space became a cozy reading nook.  Thanks, Jan!  P.S. We sold the home quickly and for over asking.”   Bliss Goldstein, Dan and Bliss Goldstein at Windermere Real Estate


“We would like to recommend Jan @AnewDecor.com. We just built a new house and needed guidance as to how to set up our new home which felt overwhelming. Jan has a good perspective regarding furniture placement as well as any
other details including color. She also helped us in selecting our new home color, which we love.  She has a knack for visualizing ‘the whole’ picture. She is prompt and very courteous and easy to work with. Jan listens carefully to what you may have in mind trying to reflect your own personality. We had a positive experience and would hire her again should the occasion arise. ”
Richard and Wendy B.


“Boy, our home sure looks drab.” it’s not so full and attractive. I miss the colour.” These are comments my husband made about our home after the staging items were removed, that Anew Décor provided for staging this summer, 2015.Our home had been on the market and not moving. Jan Driscoll laid a colour palate that blended and brightened it.  In her capable hands our home took on a feel and a tone that immediately welcomed all who entered.Her attention to her craft allowed prospective buyers to view a house that was a home they could live in. Skeptical at first to forgo the cost, and accept the idea of staging both, my husband and I understood the skill set she uniquely brings to a house sale, and all the more so, when her product was removed. I would recommend Jan to anyone who wants to sell a home, or an idea relating to her unique skills. I had to get out of my own way, experience the process and result, that only an professional like Jan can bring to a successful staging and sale.

If you have doubts about the idea and cost, lose them, ours was money well spent.

Diane Lookman – September, 2015


”Jan was instrumental in the sale of my home recently. She staged the house perfectly for its style and location, and I know the staging is what helped sell the home so quickly. She was very helpful with suggestions, and was also willing to listen to suggestions my Realtor and I had. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Well, except I did ask her to help me at my new home with color choices and I am thrilled with the colors she suggested and am in the process of putting the paint on the walls.”

Tammy Quiram, home owner, Bellingham


“Thanks, Jan! You were great to work with and I love your staging – great use if color! ”

Mary Kay Robinson, Real Estate Broker
Windermere Real Estate Whatcom Inc.


” My wife and I had decided to make some major updates to our home after having lived there for over 10 years. Both of us knew that we wanted to have a beach theme, given that we live near the water, but had no training or vision on how to accomplish that! In fact, we had difficulty agreeing on some things up to that point, and decided to hire Jan Driscoll of Anew Décor as our professional guide and decorator.

Jan did a superb job in helping us shape our general ideas into a workable design, suggesting colors, furniture, and artwork that all came together in a beautiful confluence that felt serene and “beachy”. She was willing to do as little or as much as we asked, offering contractor’s names (she found an incredible painter for us!), shopping for artwork and decorative pieces, and eventually she even helped hang some things in the house to stage it all perfectly.

The final outcome looks beautiful, and we have had many friends and neighbors compliment our home, and beach theme that we had wanted to achieve.

I would highly recommend Jan and Anew Décor for anyone that is considering a makeover or remodel  – Jan is thoughtful, a great listener, and very talented! ”

Tom & Carol Miller
Camano Island, WA


“I was ready for a little change of color in my home and contacted Jan Driscoll. She was immediately responsive to my call and came to my home to walk through my color dilemmas. When she left we had a color plan and three recommendations for painters to contact. The project was completed very quickly and I am enjoying the new look paint can create. Jan was a real joy to work with and was excellent with follow-up to see the results. Whenever you find yourself in need of some expert home interior help I heartily recommend Jan Driscoll and Anew Décor.”

Joan Martin, Bellingham

“Thank you, Jan. I really  liked the staging you did on my home. I thought that it improved the property for the showings, and the photos that were used for the on-line advertising helped to present the home”

Donna MacDonald, Bellingham


“Thanks Jan!  I have loved your staging, color and accent choices.  Of course, I adore France and Paris in particular so your taste spoke to my soul.  Thank you for presenting my parent’s home in such a sophisticated, classy yet understated manner.  Perfect! “

Lynn Thompson, Bellingham


 ” I am happy to recommend Jan Driscoll, Home Stylist of Anew Décor. As an executer of an estate, one of my tasks was to sell a home. The home was in poor condition. It needed many updates, painting, and new floor coverings among many considerations.

Under the direction of Jan the house was prepared quickly, looked beautiful and was move-in ready.  Jan brought together a team to do the work, and made sure it got done in a timely way and correctly.  She then staged the home to show case the improvements.  Instead of appearing vacant and cold, the home became warm and friendly.

The home sold quickly, and we got back our investment and more.  The people who eventually bought the home had seen it before Jan’s improvements, and were amazed with the improvements. They couldn’t believe it was the same house. Without the changes, they would have not even considered looking at. 

Jan made it very easy to work with her, she is extremely professional and pays attention to the smallest details. I recommend Jan and her team to anyone looking to get a house ready for sale. “

Carl Nyblade


“There are stagers who will help you select paint colors and move furniture around to make your house look improved. There are also stagers who will supplement your furnishings with tasteful accents, fake flowers, and other decorative touches. One can also choose to have their home fully staged, with matching furniture and art. The staging that Jan did for me went far beyond these approaches.

With my house empty, my requirements were to make my home compete favorably with all other properties in its price range. Jan came up with a list of suggestions for enhancements that I needed to make. She also developed a plan as to how to stage my home that included landscaping, art, real flowers, and furniture.  Jan accomplished everything she had promised on time and on budget. Communication was excellent, and her staging made a positive impact. I
had an offer in three weeks and sold it a month later. None of the other homes in my price range sold in that time. While I could go into details, I think that if you are considering staging, you want to sell your home in a reasonable length of time. I think Jan is your best bet.”

Mark Sherman


“Anew Décor has staged several homes for me and I have always been very happy with the results. There is no doubt in my mind that homes staged by Anew Décor sell faster and for more money.”

Ryan Bergsma, Realtor
RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc.


“It was such a pleasure to work with you in redesigning my home. I wanted a change but didn’t want to spend a fortune and wasn’t even sure where to start. You really helped me create a home that I love to be in and am excited to share with my friends and family.

While you and I toured my home, I appreciated the opportunity to talk about my style and preferences. You created a re-design plan that was an extension of my tastes and personality. You were sensitive to my budgetary needs and helped me utilize existing furniture and accessories in ways I never would have thought of.

In the past I have spent hundreds of dollars on wrong paint colors. You helped me pick perfect colors that pulled each room together.
I will recommend you to all of my friends who want a new look and fresh colors for their homes. I know they will enjoy the process and the outcome as much as I have. Thank you so much for creating a “new” home!”

Linda Wright


“I would highly recommend Jan Driscoll’s redesign service, Anew Décor. I was having a great deal of difficulty with my master bedroom. I contracted with Jan to help with furniture placement, color and incorporate a sitting area into an already crowded room. Jan assisted me in choosing the best features in our room and how to play them up with color. She redirected the placement of the furniture which gave us more space. Jan also went through our accessories and furniture and guided us on what to keep and what would be better to replace; which saved us quite a bit of money. We now have a lovely lounge area in our Master bedroom and a room whose color is soothing and welcoming whenever we enter after a long hard day. Without Jan’s help I would still be struggling.”

Judy Ranallo


“Jan has a “natural eye” and talent for all things in the realm of color, design and home staging while on a tight budget. After following her advice about paint colors, I thought my room looked completely finished. She walked into the room, looked around for about 30 seconds and said, “Let’s try bringing a spot of your fireplace color to the opposite side of the room,” whereupon she tossed a couple of pillows onto chairs and presto, it was the perfect solution!”
Barbara H. Brandt

“I had the pleasure of working with Jan Driscoll from Anew Décor on two separate projects. My first experience was when she assisted me with staging my home in preparation for selling it. With her guidance, the house looked great, and sold quickly. When I moved into a new home, I used Jan’s skills again. I was already happy with my furnishings, but Jan was able to help me arrange things in an entirely different way. She worked with what I had in mind, but suggested new ideas, and added some special touches. The result was beautiful and much more than I imagined was possible. Jan seems to have a gift of seeing the full potential and possibilities of an existing interior. She also recommended color ideas, which I used. The color selection helped to bring the whole room together. I had a lot of fun working with Jan and I highly recommend her!”

Elizabeth Allen


“My husband and I recently asked Jan to come over to give us a few ideas on how we could redo our living room. We live in a small townhouse, but were hardly using this room because it just did not have a good flow. Within one hour, Jan gave us some wonderful, simple, and very practical suggestions for rearranging furniture that we had never thought of. Just by moving things around and re-centering the focus of the room, we immediately had more space and already find we are enjoying sitting our living room more than ever.

Next came picking new living room carpeting. Steve and I thought we could easily do this ourselves, and started visiting carpet stores. We brought home a bunch of samples. The more we looked at them, the less we liked them. We soon felt overwhelmed. So we once again called Jan, and asked if she would be willing to do the looking for us. We gave her an idea of what we wanted and our price range. A day or two later she came over with a selection of carpet samples, and instantly my husband and I both pointed to the same sample and said together: “That’s it.” Problem solved!

We were very fortunate to have a dear friend introduce us to Jan by giving us a 2-hour gift certificate for her services. It made a wonderful gift, and also got us motivated to finally do something about the living room we hadn’t been living in for years!”

Sara Geballe & Steve James
Bellingham, WA


“I wanted to thank you for the great job you did staging the Sherman’s house. Your choice of furnishings, paint, accessories and suggestions you made to improve their home all made their home look fantastic and helped us get an offer on their house in 9 days.

We really appreciated the great service you provided of maintaining the house while it was on the market. I could always count on you to have it ready to show. The fresh fragrant flowers were a great touch.

Thanks again for your efforts- it was great working with such a skilled professional. You made my job easier by having the house look so great.

I would highly recommend you to my other clients and to other agents.”

Michael Eisenberg, BuyerTours Reality.


“I have recently listed my home on the market at a time when it is truly a buyer’s market. I knew I would need to start preparing to sell by removing what others would consider “clutter”, but I wasn’t sure what else I needed to do. I thought it would be money well spent if I consulted with a professional stager- I hired Jan Driscoll at Anew Décor. She gently suggested a more comprehensive approach, which included removing, and rearranging many of my large pieces of furniture, area rugs, and my very personal decorations. As a final step in the process, Jan used her artistic sense of style and color to integrate art and accessories throughout the house.

Thanks to Jan, my home has been transformed into the crisp, contemporary Pacific Northwest style home it was intended to be – showing off the natural wood touches, stone fireplaces and the reasons I chose this home when I was a potential buyer. As a result, my home appears considerably more spacious and with more flow.

I am entering a competitive environment with complete confidence that my home will be shown off to buyers in its best light, which it so deserves. Thank you, Jan!”

Marsha Strayer


“We contacted Jan to help stage our house for a quick sale during bad times. Jan was a just delight to work with. She was very considerate of our budget limitations and utilized the furniture and items already on hand. She made the house look much bigger – like an entirely different place! The final results were astounding. We listed the house and within two weeks received several offers including a full price offer and are currently headed toward closing. We would not hesitate to use her again and we would highly recommend her services to our friends.”

Al & Kirsten Patterson


“Jan accommodated our short timeline and difficult schedule along with our limited budget with grace and beautiful results. We had been trying to re-arrange our house to look more inviting for a year and she accomplished our goals in one afternoon. I highly recommend her for any level of staging needs.”

Molly Parker


” I highly recommend Jan Driscoll to handle any staging or interior design work you may have.  Jan was hired to stage a small condo, which sold in one month. She staged and supplied the staging furniture and artwork in the condo’s main living areas.  As well as the kitchen and the bathrooms to give perspective buyers an idea of what it could look like if they were to purchase the condo.

Jan has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and has an amazing attention to detail. Jan can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. Jan was quick to volunteer advice in other areas that may have been overlooked in the preparation of condo’s sale.

Jan would be a tremendous asset for your staging needs and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.”

Jay Mason, Seattle


” We are pleased to recommend Jan Driscoll, Home Stylist of Anew Décor, as an exceptional home stager. We asked Jan and her team to up-date the look of our home as it was going on the market.  She did a phenomenal job, providing all the art, accessories and furniture to give the home a contemporary look, ready for a broad market of potential buyers.

She started by providing us a comprehensive consultation of our property, and developing a plan to ready our home for sale.  She offered us the option of executing the plan ourselves, or having Anew Décor do the work. We elected to use Jan and her company, and we couldn’t be more pleased we did.

Jan is very professional, and easy to work with. She did everything she agreed to do, within the timeline promised, and within the budget we set. And all the comments we have heard about the look she has achieved with our staged home have been very positive as well.

Working with her has also provided us peace of mind, as she provides weekly monitoring of our staged home, to ensure it is always ready to show.

If you need home staging or a freshening of your home’s style, we enthusiastically recommend to you Jan Driscoll and Anew Décor. ”

Dr. Joseph Saltz