Interior Redesign

Interior design has been revolutionized by Interior Redesign. The theory and practice of Interior Redesign has one goal: to make your home more beautiful and more comfortable using what you already own.

Interior Design

This alternative to conventional interior design involves the artful rearrangement of the furniture, artwork and accessories you already own and love.

This service is truly a make-over for your home. It is environmentally friendly, cost effective and makes your home feel brand new.

We will “put it all together for you”, but in a brand new way that works for you.

The first step is to carefully evaluate what is working and what isn’t working in your home during an initial consultation. We can focus on transforming a single room or your entire house. As experts in furniture placement and accessorizing, we can help you to determine your needs and goals, and work out a plan. Maybe you are trying to blend households, have inherited new items that don’t seem to fit, or you feel that something just isn’t right. After as little as a few hours, your home will feel comfortable and together.

The art of redesign is about careful consideration of each item in your home, and helping you let go of items you no longer need. Perhaps improving the lighting and wall colors can be part of this process. We will guide you toward creating a home that reflects your lifestyle and individuality.

Who Hires a Redesigner?

Someone who wants to change their home. You may have very nice things, but just haven’t been able to make it all come together, or you have been too busy to experiment. We can make dramatic improvements without having to start over or make major additional purchases.